About Us

Brad J. Barton, Founder and President

Welcome to Sales Funnels USA! My name is Brad Barton and I am the Founder and President of Sales Funnels USA. With over 40 years of hands-on, direct experience in sales management, sales training, and selling system development, Sales Funnels USA was created with the customer and client in mind. I have trained thousands of salespeople from coast to coast to use my results-oriented selling system.


In case you have never heard my name I want to tell you briefly who I am and why you should pay attention to me. I started selling home improvements around 1980 (mostly windows and doors, some siding). I was fortunate enough to join a company that had a “system” that was trainable and repeatable and I learned to sell with a one-call close system that put money in my pocket immediately and taught me how to succeed. I wasn’t a natural or “born” with the ability to sell, but I had the determination and a great mentor named Murray Gross. I worked my way up to leading teams of salespeople, sales management, and then opening branch offices in remote cities. Over time, I worked with other high-end home improvement products such as kitchen refacing and remodeling, rolling storm/security shutters, and general home remodeling products. I have trained literally thousands of salespeople from New York to Los Angeles, and back across to Florida, including several points in between. In the late 1990’s I started my own business. I know what you’ve been through in your efforts to increase your sales and income. More importantly, I know how the selling system will improve your team’s selling skills, skyrocket your team’s income, and deliver your dreams.

My objective is simple: Provide all customers and clients with high-quality, performance-measurable selling systems and sales training, all at reasonable rates. With my wealth of experience and highly skilled associates, you can be assured of receiving fast, expert service.

My Services Include:

  • Personalized Direct Selling System Development
  • Selling System Evaluation/Optimization
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Training Materials
  • Marketing System Development
  • Marketing System Evaluation/Optimization

Please contact us to find out how I can help you create or optimize your selling system (direct sales funnel). My selling system can help give you the predictable and expandable results that you have been looking for.